Trace Elliot 712 SMC
Trace Elliot 712 SMC

712 SMC, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Trace Elliot.

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they 08/04/2011

Trace Elliot 712 SMC : they's user review

«  The heavy, good! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- Amplifier Transistor
- 120 Watts RMS
- Input High / Low, XLR DI, Line Out, Speaker Out 4-8ohms, FX loop
- Gain, 9-band EQ, Mid-preshape, Multiband Compressor, Level
(Thank you MaRc0, I copy / paste)
- 12 inch speaker


Simple config:
An equalizer
A key Pre Shape Trace Elliot
1 compressor
not adjusting bass / treble
For sound, it just fumbles despite the apparent ease, but whatever the setting, the net is made, without burrs.


Ideally suited to my current style, Afro-jazz.
Overall, it takes that big sound. No real resources for crystalline highs, but that's not what I asked.
I play a squier classic vibe, Jazzbass passive, no effect superimposed.

The pre-shape works wonders: the bass is punchy, treble clear and aggressive. The compressor is also effective, but I have not been sufficiently tamed.


I use it for almost a year now. I tried other amps, mostly Hartke, Ampeg and Fender again in studios (including the Trace Elliot 715, excellent, cabinet 15 inches).
I flashed on the Trace Elliot and I have decided to buy one.

I especially like the type, coarse, net of all frequencies. In addition, it looks to be the rugged, indestructible. So for a time, a great value.

This choice I would do without hesitation.