Vox AC1RV Bass
Vox AC1RV Bass

AC1RV Bass, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Vox.

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eminent2000 07/23/2014

Vox AC1RV Bass : eminent2000's user review

«  AmPlug with a drum »

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Features: cf. Vox website and other reviews.

This is a nice toy, well designed, well finished, the pots are very soft, all reminiscent of a 80s analog synths like Korg.


Device very simple and intuitive. Manual clear, well translated, and relatively useless.
The drum in particular is very easy to use.


Well, if you knew the transistor radios or cassettes magneto-Philips 70: it is the same size, it looks like ... and it sounds like due to the size of HP. So watch some video demos can be found on Youtube: lie! The bass has been recorded live, in another way, or tampered with in post-max.

The volume is used up 50% of the gain and volume. There is then a clear sound just louder than the low vacuum hair. As soon as you push the settings above, or that it takes a bit of rope: boiled assured. It is not for nothing that MM. Ampeg, Hartke et cie we concoct 8x10 cabinets "... Here we are in the 2x3" and there is no miracle in acoustics.

So do not expect you to take great pleasure in playing your beautiful bass. The headphone it's better; perhaps a bit higher in Amplug.

Do not expect either accompany an acoustic guitar. It has absolutely no power.

on the other hand, connected to a small set multimedia 2.1 (with subwoofer, so) Logitech, Altec or another that is cheap in supermarkets, it is a good surprise, there is a beautiful deep bass sound without really medium-pointed but round and velvety, quite nice. But obviously loses the autonomy of my stuff.

Considered as it can be an interesting solution on the other hand who already has this type of material in his dorm room, or teen more or less prolonged.

Note the bass directly on the 2.1 speaker kit, it also works without the Vox. But the Vox brings flexibility and superior power.

The rhythm is very easy to use, and sounds are nice. This is a huge plus compared to the amPlug. Nothing can justify that in my opinion the purchase of this device, which is probably the cheapest and easiest to use RAS. Much more fun than the metronome!

You can also tune the bass with, in theory only half, and I tried once, not convinced at all by the stuff. Useless gadget, which in no way replace a real tuner or a tuning fork if it still exists. A free smartphone app better.


I bought it for mobile use and to be able to leave it in the tiny apartment of honey between two weekends ... It fits in the cover of the bass. I already had the amPlug brand, which is a very nice accessory, but I was hoping to play with without a headphone. Sure you can: but it sounds like a magneto-cassette Fischer-Price. On this side there is a disappointment.

The battery cover has a tendency to drop and 6 batteries to eject far ... Provide a small adhesive safety and / or AC adapter stationary use.

Should not in my opinion compare this tool to a real amp, but his little brother amPlug. Lightness and maximum life: Amplug winner. If a little more clutter does not scare you, the possibility of using a 9v power supply (separate), the sound quality headphones a top coat, and especially the drum, make a more comprehensive tool that amPlug.

But it does not make a real amp so far.