Yorkville 400B
Yorkville 400B

400B, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Yorkville.

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MGR/Mike 06/11/2002

Yorkville 400B : MGR/Mike's user review

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bought this off an ad in the paper. Unemployed musicians do the craziest things, got the head and the cab for $250.00

The sound is great I especially like the "contour" button which really adds the bass and treble. The 9 band eq is also a plus. Lots of room to shape your sound. Did I mention it has 400 watts??

The cab gets some buzz at high volume. But considering the head is 400 watts, you have plenty of headroom.

Construction and quality seem really good. The head is a rack mountable unit installed in a grundorf rack case by the previous owner. The cab seems really well made with a metal grill cover and thick wood.

If you can find one of these by all means get it! Even brand new the yorkville brand of amps is an excellent choice for bassists who need maximum wattage for the least amount of cash. Their website is www.yorkville.com. You can look for a local dealer there. Hope this helps someone.

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