Ampeg Micro-VR Stack
Ampeg Micro-VR Stack

Micro-VR Stack, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

oostyle 12/01/2011

Ampeg Micro-VR Stack : oostyle's user review

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What technical specifications motivated your choice?
brand, its ampeg, size, price

For what purpose? What amp / what configuration? ...
I use it for home study, I have added a baffle aguilar db 115 (1X15), and a compressor pedals, I play an american standard passive jazz bass 91


the sound.
on the base config is a little too medium but by removing and boosting the bass a roll
prcis, clean
fan too noisy


used for more than 2 years
I tried many things ashton, ampeg, markbass
I like the Ampeg grain combines JB
report quality price ok
I repeat it again if c'tit