Ampeg SVT-410HE
Ampeg SVT-410HE

SVT-410HE, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

bikerbass 08/05/2012

Ampeg SVT-410HE : bikerbass's user review

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4x10 cab 500 watts into 8 ohms U.S. manufacturing
two inputs Speakon and jack inputs + 2 tweeter adjustment
wood, Tolex and coating quality (ampeg)
For my part, no wheels, live on the ground you feel better bass.
On stage, it is enhanced on a flight.


before I had a 410 series VX Harkte (bof) with which I plugged in a head Ashdown ABM series of English manufacture and the sound was so so ...
when I plugged in ashdown head ampeg 410, it was the revelation (why I waited so lontemps??), an accurate in its all setup, ca reacts, it flinch, that brief happiness.
So go hop I sell the Ashdown and I invested in a svt and heaven his bassist is reached.


I use it in REPEAT (studio 20 m2) and a concert where I played on scenes already important, sound included in it is entirely satisfactory. I play on us Precision 62 'jazz bass and five delux us, it's wonderful. I'm really happy with my purchase, I will keep this material to life unless I'm the exchange against a ferrari ...