Ampeg SVT-48HE
Ampeg SVT-48HE

SVT-48HE, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

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Syon 04/30/2013

Ampeg SVT-48HE : Syon's user review

«  A must to bring out a low »

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4 HP 8 ohms.

Alone with a head Ampeg B25B.

Ability to use twitter or not (two inputs).

Wide frequency response, perfect for small concerts. The lightness of the subject makes it a very comfortable cabinet, it fits easily on the seat of a small car.


Sound, there's no denying it's very clean. Great set, the bass appears perfectly isolated from the rest, live is a real treat. On my first use I was amazed by there that can get out, it really covers all octaves without loss of volume if the amp is set.

Only downside for a 5 string bass or paid lower than our usual half, we lose power completely, the hp vibrate too much and the sound is muffled.

In addition to a 15 or 12 inches, and the problem is solved, I think the setup is perfect, power, clarity of treble and bass, and most importantly, accuracy (for slap is very nice.).


Having played on a range of different speakers and for the price (500 euros used), it's really super good stuff.

Rarely have I seen a speaker with as much finesse, his only weak point is actually in situ deep-bass, but hey, these are speakers 8 inches what.

I can only advise.