Ashdown MAG 810 Cabinet
Ashdown MAG 810 Cabinet

MAG 810 Cabinet, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ashdown in the MAG series.

shuffleking 04/29/2009

Ashdown MAG 810 Cabinet : shuffleking's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I needed a powerful speaker and not too expensive (the crisis) and my choice is therefore focused on the 8 10's cheapest market.
I'm used to the rooms and the outdoors (I have a smaller cabinet for clubs)
I play it with either a bassman head 70 is a David Eden Traveler 400.


The sound of this cabinet is far from neutral.
It has more low midrange and treble that serious.
David eden on my head is manageable with the EQ on my old bassman but it's more complicated.
The sound is fairly accurate but lacks a bit of momentum to my taste.


I use this cabinet for a month.
It is an excellent value for money but I would if I could price an August 10 "ampeg much more dynamic (but 3 times more expensive).