Dynacord DS 412
Dynacord DS 412

DS 412, Bass Guitar Speaker from Dynacord.

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ragnaroth 07/16/2004

Dynacord DS 412 : ragnaroth's user review


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Transistor amplifier, 160W rms, 280W speaker with 8 ohms per connection jacks, XLR DI output, gain of pots, output, compressor and distortion included (no footswitch), effect loop send return post or first, a 80 band equa 8 3200Hz.


Configuration, and use very simple!
With no knob ds all the senses, we almost want to say this is an amp "plug and play".
After to get a good sound, it depends mainly on the type of coffee that is used, but our 15-inch woofer is to be round and fat!


For my part I address a few all styles of this amp, from the hardcore trad and I must say that it does not prevent or restrict my ds my game
With a Yamaha Electric Basses, a round coming up for the lack of audible bass, and with the warwick Forteress one, good value despite a medium sound somewhat difficult to fix the amp and the bass (pb solved with a low pod line6)
We can say that its sound and relatively neutral!