Mesa Boogie 1x15

1x15, Bass Guitar Speaker from Mesa Boogie.

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francky33 01/11/2007

Mesa Boogie 1x15 : francky33's user review


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I just bought this speaker on occasion yesterday (super rare occasion)
400 W at 8ohms
I tried it compared to a D115XLT EDEN (considered excellent), and although there was no photo.
With my head (MARKBASS LM2) settings flat, my jazz bass through a SansAmp: without touching anything in my settings SansAmp, big big sound from the outset, with an impressive performance, precision bass and a potato huge!
The model I has no tweeter, and a single input jack on the back (too bad there have not output, but in general, if the subwoofer speaker is a last in the chain if there is another speaker)
It is fully protected (as in the photo with the door ammovible), and all that feels sturdy indestructible: besides, I do not know exactly what year it is: 2000, may be ahead.
I think the HP is an EV, but I have no technical info: I relied on my ears. it is not very light: + or - 40 Kg (I would weigh as soon as possible), but it is on wheels, and yes there is the weight in flight +). (I put the weight 9)


The curve is certainly not neutral: there is the "color" MESA BOOGIE, but what's!
Clear, precise with great momentum, however, the slightest mistake means playing very well: it is a baffle that forces you to work your playing technique!
was the case when I tested the Eden, but with the MESABOOGIE is even more glaring.


My purchase is free: I tried one hour in the store before buying, and 2 more hours when I put the stuff in my local repeater.
In situation, I do not exceed 2 volume with my head (which gives off 300 watts into 8 ohms) to FAIB or high volume, the sound is still as accurate.
MESA BOOGIE, it's expensive, even secondhand (€ 600 anyway), but it is impossible to find for sale (they know it, then hooks you to negotiate!), And the equivalent nine worth € 1405 in German (in the version flightée).
Anyway, I had no budget for more, and I think that will satisfy me for a while!