Peavey TVX 410
Peavey TVX 410

TVX 410, Bass Guitar Speaker from Peavey in the TVX series.

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Gus7.0 11/30/2005

Peavey TVX 410 : Gus7.0's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A classic 10-inch 4 times:
4 HP 10-inch membranes treated with Kevlar
A 1-inch Horn Driver dbrayable,
Power 350 Watts into 4 or 8 ohm (there are two choice MODELS)
Connections: 1 jack 1 / 4 (that's all!)
Weight: 43.6 kg (ah a, must be two for the stairs ...),
Vinyl covering and grille mtallique vibration.

I bought this place for my stuff complter which consists of a Hartke 3500 head and a Trace Elliot 15-inch speaker 200 watts into 8 ohms.
In fact, I did jou than the 15 inches for two years because of funding, and that at a concert that a friend bassist prt me that in addition MODEL my stuff, and I really will appreciate the diffrence!
It's always best to test the new hardware with its own gear (bass + amp) That was in concert even if it was made directly under the nose (well, ears) and of s r, we can push the sound as you want!
In short, a few months later, so I chose the 8 ohm speaker in order to operate the head full power into 4 ohm.


Being accustomed for years an enclosure 15 inches, I must admit that the sound is somewhat "soft" uses only (4 times as many 10 inches).
But of all fawns, c'tait complter for my set and it is the happiness of bas-mdium/mdium Submitted really well, a sound warm enough if I say (Whereas the head Hartke), and the power that is!

Even when I have my bass prciser are awarded if the mid-r-I play the mtal, and fingers, well I have yet to saturate russi the HP!
No, srieusement, this chamber always keeps a clear sound, and The definition is impeccable, even in the low end.

Talking about the trunk of acute: dj you should know that it is a system that connects electronic protection which turns off the sound if they send too much power is apprciable .
Positive: a potentiomtre rgler allows the level of the trunk and especially to be able to REALLY put zero (which is not always the case),
Ngatif point: there are plenty of breath, and treble are a little too slammin limit ears hurt if you push too much potentiomtre.

Résumé in this forum is doing well on the head trs Hartke, and since I've never tried it on something else, I m'arrterais on the sound.


Bought new in 2002, it still works as well, one must prciser it is still in damp for 3 years, no problemo!
What is embtant I find is that the feet are cahoutchou soft dplacer not practical! I have removed and replaced with wheels, so much easier, could be a mountain home!
Modif Second ': connectivity, there is only unfortunate jack 1 / 4, and I like not the jacks! In fact, I replaced the speaker outputs of my amp with XLR for the sake of reliability (I had a problem with the jacks) and the Peavey, no options! I just added a XLR socket and you're silent jou (it's not too complicated either), but compared to my pregnant Trace Elliot (2 XLR jack and two male / female home) , did a little lightweight!

Now we have Whereas in this price range, I think it was worth the money, especially since the HP "Kevlar" is really not an illusion: I d Mount one (even two to set the wheels) and the thickness of the membrane is quite impressive, we feel the touch espce the fiber in addition to cardboard, so good for trs the quality of HP at Peavey.
on the other hand, they conomisent on wood: yes, it's chipboard "Kronoply" (large chips), but there are wool / acoustic foam on parrois.

Finally, I would say I like this forum, I learned to do over time, and I'm not the sound it sends me.