Warwick 112 ND
Warwick 112 ND

112 ND, Bass Guitar Speaker from Warwick in the Neodymium series.

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kesan-de-kas 05/12/2009

Warwick 112 ND : kesan-de-kas's user review


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* Power: 300W
* 8 ohms
* 100dB
* Speaker 1 x 12 "Celestion Neodymium (300W, 8 ohms, 99dB, frquence of rsonance: 50Hz, frequency drives range: 45Hz-3000Hz)
* Horn tweeter with attnuateur (power 30W, max. 40W, 8 ohms, 95dB, frquence of rsonance: 2.5 kHz frequency drives range: 1.2 kHz-20kHz)
* Connect with Speakon and Jack!
* Bass Reflex Subwoofer
* Weight: 17 kg
* Big Metal handle on its side of the cabinet.
Dimensions (L / h / l): 0.64 x 0.42 x 0.37 m

The cabinet is small for a 12 "lgr and therefore easily transportable. It provides a regulation of the focus tweeter (the potentiomtre is equipped with small" notches "along the race .. not great for all drgler systmatiquement by moving).

Have a Hp Neodynium and a bass reflex around 300 euros in Germany's top carrment ... has promised a roundness and precision of his caractristique of 12 ".
Everything good about the caractristiques baffle which makes me think of my old Markbass Traveler 121H. Ms. grip is very practical at the same place (on CT cabinet). It makes a great service by its size which offers excellent grip.


It is crucial ... but I'm not going to speak on. I expect to get a little more specific on a ide sound .. even what time a mini rdage HP opens to the sound more.
Edit: sound very clear, balanced presence across the spectrum ... Big huge dynamic range and much more respectful than my old markbass (Traveler 1x12). Holds the load without problem and do not spit same volume lev (just for testing).
What's good for me with this HP celestion Neodynium ..
good bass and clear highs well purring, singing ... in short, a pure joy for me. I only stand alone group. Style of play Rock, Funk, Blues.


Ditto ... I'll wait before I comment, but you'll hear a few days.


Exprience with this choice I will ever be without hesitating ... carrment excellent in quality price ratio. A baffle Lger, compact, powerful and respectful of her .. Much more than markbass. Excellent.