Boss ME-50B
Boss ME-50B

ME-50B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the ME series.

track down 10/06/2005

Boss ME-50B : track down's user review


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It Y'a compressors / limiters, filters, distortion, synth, delay / mod, there are also a bass equalizer, meddle, treble, frequency meddle (do not tell too much about lequalizer, it is not great and saturates quickly but it is useful) There's an expression pedal with the wah, octave up and down, old sound (keeping the note played) and kick drums (simpa as a metronome!) There's also a dessus.La pedal tuner is analog (I think) I do not know if it is rack mountable.


At first we though loses a little especially if you might not abitude the effects pedals, but after some hours it goes alone, it is not very difficult to use (no more difficult than 707 ZOOM ). When editing effects is very easy and the manual is very clear!


So for the distortions, the compressors / limiters and octave nikel but it will have one very big hik sinthés on bass, I was really very surprised by his, the flanger, chorus and phaser but I find his way Maybe my instruments, I do not know her. I use an amp with Ibanez 65 watt sound wave bass and a G & B transparent (this is really unknown brand) and an Ibanez Ergodyne EDB soon 605 or Ibanez SRX 305 (yes I'm in love with ibanez lol). I love to use distortions, compressors and reverbs, chorus, flanger and phaser. I jou of neo metal then the effects sinthé problem is important enough to me, buy me a story and a 7-band equalizer pedal sinthé bass to compensate for everything.


I use it since late July 2005. I especially like is the limit distortions and compressor on it, much less love sinthé bass are very difficult déffinit.
I try ZOOM 506 and a digitech (I did not know the name) and I'm not, but I wonder if I would rather not had to buy separate pedals mono effects at the beginning I really regretted buying this pedal effect, but finally when we begin to change the stile of muzik, sound, this pedal there is really great.