Boss ME-50B
Boss ME-50B

ME-50B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the ME series.

zip, pit et pat les pingouins 04/19/2005

Boss ME-50B : zip, pit et pat les pingouins's user review


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Indeed there is at what it takes: chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, synth, octave, phaser, flanger, wah-wah ... with lots of possible combinations of different effects.
The sound just be treated by one of the compressors (simulation of various well-known compressors), the frequencies can be filtered (mid-shape, bottom boost, noise gate)
The user can save up to 24 "presets", each "preset" corresponding to a combination of effects with their setup. The transition from one effect to another is facilitated by the use of three footswitches.
The right pedal is a volume pedal / expression.
The effects can not be edited on a PC, the connection does not transfer data from one device to another
In terms of connectivity there is an auxiliary input + (in minijack, convenient to connect your PC is an MD and work alone on one song), if two outputs (some effects emerge in stereo), and if not taken other to add or footswitch pedal volume / expression further.
Against small problem: the AC adapter is not supplied, it must buy cot!! It's a little abuse but good. (Especially since the power consumption of the device is not negligible) But hey, no problem to buy it separately it is found everywhere.


The unit is very easy to use, very intuitive, the manual (in English) is very thorough without making 15,000 pages. There are also some useful functions as a tuner, which, although not super super accurate, can still be used occasionally and the "kick drum" sound that simulates a regular battery.


The effects are really successful, although a few tend to rule if they were messing around too quickly (saw, square and sometimes distortion). My favorites are the compressor / limiter, chorus / reverb / delay and phaser. The Octavers are also very successful, they sound very "synthetic" but their sound is added to the original bass sound without the mask, giving the music a more "voice", the result is really not bad. The "sound hold" that can "take" a note at infinity is funny, to show off occasionally.
Overall, the combined effects of multiple cool effects that can be used from time to time, and indispensable, that enhance the rendering of the sound without distorting it.


Overall I think it's a very good multi-purpose. Although it is a bit expensive but worth its price. I tried a few models before you buy (and individual pedals) and I think it's a good product. I'm really not disappointed.