Boss ME-50B
Boss ME-50B

ME-50B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the ME series.

djoulo 08/23/2004

Boss ME-50B : djoulo's user review


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This small multi effects boss includes all the essential effects of bassist warned!
phaser, flanger, distortion, reverb, chorus, wah-wah, Octaver, synth bass, delay, are all parameters, function as super cool keeping score, the function kik drum, it really tear this multi purpose!
and sounds of hell! I had the Vbass for 3 years, I sold to buy the ME50B in feffet Audible quality issue is not photo, great boss!
no XLR out, no connection noon!


The most intuitive multi effects for bass that I could get my hands to this day!
really very simple to configure, c really think that you do not take the head on stage and everything is available under the feet! The only downside is the requirement to purchase an external pedal to change banks patches cre (30euros the pedal)
the manual is in french ultra explain in any way is not much in this multi purpose compliqer


I just saw her in my life ...... I even made Vbass palle figure a cot ^ ^
the quality of sound is really low on my top tip


J'hesit with gt6b, but the only difference being the connectors and simulation of low damplis I jpreferer the me50b, very disappointed because I t modeling amp / bass of my vbass I Judge useless!
small regret of not having a XLR out, a small box made me forget live my sorrow!
Another downside, sold with batteries, but the adapter (the bastards)
but in my sorrow I find very useful the Possibility of using a vast battery in case of bad current and thus noise in the sound

if not super excited about this product, I have 10 years of stage experience, I always look for a good multi purpose, without ever having to find just the basics I use all of sk ltemps, namely compressor / EQ / effects in this pedal, I just found my happiness and besides its sounds very very good, big sound ^ ^