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bliss 08/13/2005

DigiTech BNX3 : bliss's user review


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See below, everything is already said ...


I regret the non-existence of a "melted" when changing from one preset to another. Otherwise RAS, quite instinctive.


After much searching, questioning, testing, reading articles, advice, brief 2 months on the spot to gather information on three products: Bass POD XT, GT6B, BNX.
Without too much development at its ca gave this:
Bass POD XT: At the time I had a POD xt (I'm also a guitarist) and frankly there is the same color (nan GNII that it is the black ... = /) c Nan seriously the same grain suitable for low . Custom I sold the POD xt, (VOX Tonelab SE for ... um ... =))) I would take a POD xt in. Bass of the shot. In short I really in..
GT6B: arf very, very, special, frankly was disappointed g ... C cold in. nan really really natural ... ca me po at all.
BNX: Here c something else. In fact when I was testing at "Center Effect", I could at the same time an overview of the three products. To my ear the BNX comes out with flying colors.

So yes, some say it just inches compared to multis simulators, c only three machines have two profiles each having their own function. So yeah, if I dared to compare, and c Digitech has won.
Also do not necessarily know the originals in. I can not compare. But the result is. Sounds.

Update -
Finally after many trials of different products, I drop the modelers. I will not repeat what I wrote above, but all this is very synthetic.


I have since qq weeks. I am very happy. I do not regret my choice. It is a bit expensive, but it's worth it.
Small problem, the button plastok c po terrible, just avoid fo jump in with both feet.

Update -
I finally sold my BNX, and I turned in a first step towards an Ampeg tube preamp. Not bad, but not versatile enough, I just bought an Aguilar preamp, I did not have to temsp tested thoroughly tested, but I do not take too much risk in saying that I can hard to beat.

In short, I do not spit on the modeler, as I believe the future holds good surprise at that level, but for the moement I decided to return to the classic lamp.