Ibanez PUE-5B
Ibanez PUE-5B

PUE-5B, Bass Multi-Effect from Ibanez in the PUE series.

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eric 65 12/13/2006

Ibanez PUE-5B : eric 65's user review


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This unit has a compressor, an entry for external effects, a 7-band equalizer, delay, chorus / flanger and noise reduction. The set is analog.
All packaged in a robust metal housing that will support both delicate stilettos your groupies as the most aggressive of your fellow Rangers scene ....


Everything is simple, turn the knobs, you can edit five different configurations, which is more than enough for a bass. I had no manual but it's really simple:
Button to assign a combination of effects on each pedal. An edit mode and just remember everything with her little feet ...


I love this device. I plug it on a H & K basskick 515. I use mainly the compressor and equalizer. I use other effects to slap with settings too aggressive but that provide a more certain.


I struggled to get this thing: I have a tanned boyfriend for 5 years and I ended up offering him a substantial sum to do crack. I have been a year and I do not regret my purchase because I love its sound type and ease of use. I do not think it is easy to find, so I keep preciously remaining deaf to the siren song of modeling ....