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2 Soundblox guitar and bass multi-effects

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Source Audio Soundblox 2 OFD Bass MicroModeler
News Source Audio Soundblox 2 OFD Bass MicroModeler

Bass Multi-Effect from Source Audio belonging to the Soundblox 2 series

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Public price: $169 incl. VAT
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Source Audio adds to its SoundBlox 2 multi-effect series the OFD Bass MicroModeler and OFD Guitar Modeler pedals.

Both OFD MicroModeler pedals feature 12 Overdrive, Fuzz and Distortion (hence the OFD name) effects programmed specifically for the frequency ranges of the guitar and bass.

Built-in effects have all been modeled on famous amps (Marshall, Mesa Boogie) and stompboxes (Big Muff, Fuzz Face and Tube Screamer).

You’ll also find on both models a 3-band EQ, a noise gate and a Clean/Dirty Mix knob.

The Bass MicroModeler also features a Lo-Retain algorithm developed by Source Audio to preserve the low-end.

Another interesting feature is the ability to seamlessly morph between preset using an expression pedal or the Source Audio Hot Hand 3 controller.

The manufacturer adds that both pedals will be compatible with the new MIDI control HUB that should be available in 2014.

The OFD MicroModeler are available now for purchase for $169 each. More info at www.sourceaudio.net.




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