Zoom 708II Bass
Zoom 708II Bass

708II Bass, Bass Multi-Effect from Zoom.

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momote 07/08/2005

Zoom 708II Bass : momote's user review


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-Then there normment effect, whatever you want, unfortunately, some make us think more star wars that bass ...
We can edit all effects but the connection a computer is impossible.
Of audio-race
-It is a PDAL


-Simple, but with the manual, personally, I have read the manual (in French) before using it and I had no problem. No manual is complicated interface is not intuitive.
-The shipping is very easy
-The manual is complete without trs trs yet be large.


-I have changed most of the effects that taient dpart Submitted to the device and I russi find a sound that suited me just made for the effects j'utilisent.
Mxicaine low-jazz, Laney Hardcore Max 160 b. If that's the type of instrument then only with my bass, use a guitar should be feasible.
-I like very much a sound that is Submitted to the device purchase, it's not really an effect but it really boosts the sound of my bass is passive, and gives a much more typ active Russianness this really a blast because it is nonexistent. The rather distos are Russian, as well as the chorus and the wah is what I prfre.
I do not like the octave, I do not know if it is zero or if I do not like just what kind of effect.


For 7-months.
-I like a lot the expression pedals
-No, not really.
-In the price range I think, with 200 euros more I would take the me50b boss.
I recommend anyone who wants to discovering the effects and make use mm live. Before the purchase of essential individual pedals.