Zoom B9.1ut
Zoom B9.1ut

B9.1ut, Bass Multi-Effect from Zoom.

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ianker 07/15/2009

Zoom B9.1ut : ianker's user review


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What are the effects or types of effects available?

There is little prs everything that can be done in terms of effects is a multi-purpose .... Ah, no whammy on the other hand (really to quibble).
What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)

Numrique, and a lamp (here called Accelerator) with knob for volume rgler.
Are ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC?

It can directly edit the multi-effect, but the screen is small, not very practical. It is possible to connect the multi-effect on a PC, and software is available on the manufacturer's website to edit the sounds. The software is very practical, given the number of options to consider, and we quickly found there trs. Possibility to save, import, or export, short, full rev.
The knobs are enjoyable to use, it's a shame that the screen does not allow better visibility if it could be fine trs software. Note also that we can Save the bass on the PC via USB (and any instrument plugged into the multi-purpose).
What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)

There is a bit of everything. USB, MIDI in / out, headphone jack, in / out jack to Stereo. Extras, Stereo XLR outputs to plug directly into a mixer or recorder (with a switch -10bB/udB for gain), and the possibility of other effects insrer via the loop External (with again a switch-10dBm / +4 dBm) Nothing said is trs full cot l.
Is this a rack or rack MODEL?

It is a pdalier and therefore not rack.


Configuration gnrale Is it easy?

Yes, if you use the software for its Defines sounds. The notch on the pdalier is not practical, you get lost, yet I used Zoom products. With the software, everything is simple, we choose the effects, they are string in the order you wish backup, and voila!

Note that the volume PDAL has the possibility to rotate horizontally, making it possible to play several effects. I think not practical, I do not know if it's really usable.
The edition of sound effects or is it easy?

see above.
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

The manual is in English, but I think it is now available in French on the manufacturer's website. Honntement, I fly. I just needed to understand how to connect it to the PC. For me, the USB for a silent, well no! We must use the MIDI connections ... Dconcertant at first, but hey, a function (a forced, however, have a MIDI interface on the PC).


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?

The effects are honntes. The amp simulations are simulations, but it happens to find some sounds INTERESTED (I do not possde amps Muls, difficult to compare). Against the qualisation is excellent, I did not expect something like a on a device in this price range.

Which instruments do you use?

Low (passive), although sr, but I tried other instruments just to see what could be learned. With a guitar, clearly unusable. on the other hand, with a synth trs going well. Sometimes I use it with my DX7 for certain effects.
What are those you prfrez, you dtest?

I clearly no dtest. I do not t super excited about the compression. Zoom has made some progress on overdrive, less rough than the previous ones MODELS, prfre but I always use a hand pedals. In terms of rverbs, chorus, flanger, etc.. has held the road. I use these effects rarely trs, so all in a multi-purpose well for me trs.


How long have you use it?

About 3-4 months
What is the particular feature you like best and least?

most: pdalier robust, it will not move. The number of I / O, really enjoyable to use live, and effects trs correct.
The least: the screen is too small, making the edition a bit difficult when you have no PC at hand.
Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I had an old home 506 Zoom also no comparison (as on the effects on the pdalier). I also tried the MODEL just below (the B2.1ut if I'm not mistaken), and also the diffrence is obvious. I had the opportunity to test the equivalent in Line 6 (bass pod XT) and this is clearly a matter of taste.

How do you report qualitprix?

Less than 200 euros, allows for a lot of effects on hand, even if all will not be used. Report qualitprix trs good I think.
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...

In this price range, yes. It does not replace ddies pedals, but if you do not make intensive use, a multi-effect of this type is a choice that allows INTERESTED not to ruin in which the effects we do not use every day.