K&K Double Big Twin Upright Bass Traducer
K&K Double Big Twin Upright Bass Traducer

Double Big Twin Upright Bass Traducer, Bass Pickup from K&K.

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lord_toskano 01/12/2010

K&K Double Big Twin Upright Bass Traducer : lord_toskano's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
2 years
already tried the Fishman BP100 (equivalent, lack a little brightness and claret in the medium rather high), the Shadow SH 965 NFX-B (not best), the "Realistic" David Gage ( very well but often requires a rglage of violin APRS setup, and night was the sound of the acoustic instrument) and the Dyn-B Shertler (expensive for a medium RESULTING .. .).
the +: His husky, well full. possibility to change the color of the piezo sound FBP on the bridge or by changing the type of fixation (dbl face + or - pais, or pte paste) and above all without touching the rglage stringed instrument! is stuck ... debonding is ... but the bridge and the sound of the acoustic bass move!
the -: Sometimes a bit too sensitive to touch rope, and a little shrill in the upper medium rather bow ... but like all cells piezo ...
Qualitprix: correct and the gal concurence (Fishman or Shadow) and especially much better than Shertler worth the trouble for quadriple better.
I even purchased a deuxime that I use with everything that goes under my hand, sometimes with many surprises. Senza note with a calbace, a harp or Cora, a Yukull etc. ... and glue it on.