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Jayzen Sound Carvin Bass

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Jayzen Sound Carvin Bass
News Jayzen Sound Carvin Bass

Bass Sample from Jayzen Sound

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Jayzen Sound introduces their virtual reproduction of a Carvin "Bunny Brunel" model Electric Bass.

The Jayzen Carvin Bass Virtual Instrument is a large format sample library modelled on the Carvin “Bunny Brunel” Electric Bass Guitar. Multiple samples of each note were recorded through a custom made pre-amp, then precision-edited and processed to create this design. It’s designed to create authentic Jazz/Pop Bass lines and offer a wide selection of tones for composition and sound design.

  • Features the complete range of 5-string electric bass notes.
  • 10 instrument patches using the Rhythm pick-up, and 10 more using the Lead.
  • Patches are set-up according to natural playing positions.
  • Separate patches for creating natural-sounding slides.
  • Full patch of chromatic string octave harmonics.
  • Bonus patch of special effects and string noises.
  • 224 MB file size – GigaStudio (.gig) format, 44/16 mono samples.


There are two banks of 10 patches: one bank using the Rhythm pick-up, and the other using the Lead pick-up – each is set up the same way.

Patches 0 ~ 5: Six patches of string variations corresponding to different fretboard playing positions.

Slides: Two patches of slides: one up, and one down, playable over a wide range of starting notes. Down slides are velocity sensitive for a 1 or 2 octave slide range.

String harmonics: A selection of natural-sounding open-string harmonics, mapped chromatically across the keyboard.

Special Effects: A collection of unusual string noises, scrapes, and other bass guitar sounds.

For More Info: http://www.jayzensound.com/
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