Electro-Voice EVM-15B
Electro-Voice EVM-15B

EVM-15B, Bass speaker from Electro-Voice.

Johnny-Sono 02/20/2008

Electro-Voice EVM-15B : Johnny-Sono's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
My dealer, in 1980, had recommended the HP for their power: 200 W, Output: 99dB
I believe, and their musicality. He advised me to get into the ALTEC 816 / A (Pavilion exponential gain: + 3dB/60Hz, I think). Being avid handyman and construction of speakers, I was in charge of cabinets from a 816 vacuum.
Always advised by my dealer, I mounted tweeters annular Celestion
20 HF: 100 W to 1 compression. "The whole, though heterogeneous, was musically cohérent.N 'with no need for a very large power (marriages: 120 pers. On average, had decided on an amp. type "studio", Hitachi HMA-6500 Power Mos-Fet: 2x50 w, itself controlled by an equalizer TPK 510 Power: 10 Frequency stéréo.Le result was spectacular:
118 to 120 dB SPL, with good low round, warm, midrange punch, very precise, sharp and well crafted, in short, a happy marriage for me as audiophile at heart. I'm surprised more of an audiophile with my "little sound quality HI FI!"

Currently, I sold the "expo", I build other Bafle: subwoofers for the 18 ", with holes 15" for my faithful EVM 15 b, size: 250l.La frequency curve is typed "sub bass", so I do not need to force HP to the EQ, bass and low mids are more natural and I do not tire the HP.
The stereo image is excellent, level of "HI FI".
Yes, the sound is very warm, very clear and precise, thanks to cuts and Mos-Fet amp, which goes very quickly, and that sounds like a tube amp.

This very idea is very dynamic and gives me and my 'customers' friends or strangers, all satisfaction for the past 27 years! It is true that I've never pushed to its limits! I like this set of brands,
EVM in which the B pillars, yes, I had the opportunity to test other combinations, but registered "public", but I also heard in other sets of major brands: Martin, Cerwin-Vega, JBL, and even Electro-voice, but it depends on the talent and the sensitivity of the DJ or the sound engineer! The price / quality ratio is excellent, it was worth the money! YES I do it again this election, probably with an amp with the same characteristics but much more powerful "driver" HP.