D'Addario XL Chromes Flat Wound Bass Strings
D'Addario XL Chromes Flat Wound Bass Strings

XL Chromes Flat Wound Bass Strings, Bass String from D'Addario.

dana12 02/06/2012

D'Addario XL Chromes Flat Wound Bass Strings : dana12's user review

«  Ropes nets dishes that sound »

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I wanted to test nets ropes courses, to gain roundness.
I was on the forums to get competent advice and then finally I chose this set for my Cort A5 (5 strings so).
I liked what type of strings: the flatwound gives a softer hit the nets round I was used to (all kinds of strings, usually D'Addario and GHS).
The group of friends have also enjoyed the change.
It loses a little shine and a gain in smoothness.
On a set of 5 strings, the B string is 132 (against 125 in généra3 sets of "standard").
Longevity is good (more than 6 months, losing only the "gloss" on the new, the sound is still there)
A downside, however, with one of my groups, we play half tone lower, so we all go out of tune to avoid seeing all the fingerings. Pulling this standard supports bit manipulation and these strings are a little too soft in this config.
These strings are a safe bet. I will however test other (DR flatwound), but I know I can go back to D'Addario if I can not find my happiness in other brands