Dr Strings K3 Neon Hi-Def Bass
Dr Strings K3 Neon Hi-Def Bass

K3 Neon Hi-Def Bass, Bass String from Dr Strings in the Neon series.

cbien 04/11/2013

Dr Strings K3 Neon Hi-Def Bass : cbien's user review

«  Flashy Funky! »

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I bought $ 35 (€ 27) last summer on E-baaaah, replacing Ernie Balls.
Mounted with a brass band playing funk and disguise, I could not to miss!

- It flashes!
- The game is more accurate because the strings "cling" to the fingers, which is handy when playing ambulation in order not to miss its boxes!
- The game is a little slap mat, I like
- The coating also prevents the strings to "charge" particles of skin, they always hit the same sound for almost 1 year

- Avoid playing with a pick, I think in the long run the coating must steer
- Avoid repetitive slides also not to burn your fingers, slide it far less than the classical strings