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Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah
Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah
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crankyrayhanky crankyrayhanky

« More than the Best Bass Wah! »

Publié le 07/30/12 à 11:08
Bass Wah from the wah professionals over at Dunlap. Analog pedal with basic guitar cable in and outs.


The sound is awesome right out of the box. No need for a manual, other than it is interesting to note the q frequencies and volume controls.


I mainly use my 5 string Ibanez Soundgear Bass, but have since found that pedal excels for electric guitar too! There is a Q setting that allows a huge variety of wah tones, from the deeper (and below) tones of the Jimi wah to the higher voiced (and above) tones of the Morley Bad Horsie. There is an adjustment for volume, so one can get a wah that even with the original signal or go anywhere from a gentle boost (my preferred) to an aggressive volume boost. I believe this pedal has a high pass in the circuitry, allowing the lower eq tones to go untouched while the mid and highs receive the wah. I'm not sure if there are any other wahs out there with this feature (?) I typicall detune my guitar anywhere from E down to drop Ab, so having this hipass is probably the reason i really love this pedal on guitar. I bought it for my bass, but eventually it surpassed my original Dunlap, Jimi Dunlap, and Morley Bad Horsie. It helps that this Dunlap has the auto on/off feature that was previously only on my Morley (Dunlap now has a few pedals like this). This auto on/off is a HUGE asset for playing live- I like the Dunlap Original and jimi, but how many times did I thin "Is this pedal engaged" and they proceed to toggle on and off...this hampers creativity and performance. I love the auto, the hi pass and the tone is Dunlap-awesome.


This is a must have for any bass player, it adds a great character and provides a cool "swimming sensation". I love using wah for just a few notes at a time (rather than lengthy passages), so the auto off is an invaluable characteristic. There is nothing to note that I liked least, this pedal has been my goto for guitar and bass for many years now. I toured hard with it locally, so I grabbed a second pedal and this one has held up admirably. For bass, there is no other choice. For guitar, I may look into a the Dunlap Q wah, as it seems to have similar features but built for guitar. That being said, the hi pass on the low frequencies is something I have bonded with- I don't like a wah that just sweeps over and takes over the whole tone with a dramatic impact...that's good for an occassional effect, but too much for full usage. The hi pass allows pure bass tone to remain. This pedal is nailed to my board. Best review I've made; I love this wah!
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