Dunlop GCB100 Cry Baby Bass
Dunlop GCB100 Cry Baby Bass
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MGR/Geoffrey Boulden 01/19/2003

Dunlop GCB100 Cry Baby Bass : MGR/Geoffrey Boulden's user review

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A friend bought it for me as a Christmas gift. He purchased it from an internet vendor for about $90.

Extremely rugged construction.

9 Volt electronics are not much good for bass units. I get the feeling this is a guitar wah with a single capacitor changed to shift frequencies. 18 Volt electronics are better for basses, especially those with active pickups.

Some of my basses run 18 volts so why would run the signal through a 9v chain?

It added a lot of noise to my signal and removed most of my bass's great tone.

As I said before, very very rugged.

I played with it for 5 minutes and could not see a reason to ever use it.

I will return the unit. This may be a fine wah but I would never use one.

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