CampusPress Sonar Cakewalk 2.0
CampusPress Sonar Cakewalk 2.0

Sonar Cakewalk 2.0, Book & Method from CampusPress.

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Pc68 06/13/2003

CampusPress Sonar Cakewalk 2.0 : Pc68's user review


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Why on earth bought a book like this? That's the question would have to ask the author of ...
I thought to find a few tips, tricks not empty when you do not notice (you said weird?), Ways to save time in use, some features are poorly explain origne in the documentation, etc..
But none of a, or very little (you still say weird?). Oh, yes! It is necessary all the same to hold the pen more than 270 pages! It includes the basic features, photos (b & w) interfaces noon (emi 2 | 6, Midiman 2x2), we see an Alesis MMT of, poss fingers on a keyboard, an Edirol UA -5, the inevitable list of sounds GM1, and ... no ... If! J'vous to say? a picture of a MIDI cable! Oh that's cute the p'tiot (you always say weird?)
In short, we have the explanation of everything dj explained in any other books or magazines!
I confess that this shocks me more or less because there are other branches o such practices have become commonplace. For example, I must be at least 15 books on C / C + +, and in each book, there are only one or two chapters that bring something new! Let us not be too ngatif!
It is clear that this book is a technical achievement (as many pages to dvoiler so little) that I welcome, is not easy, so we had the help: The author was assisted, among others, by .. . SONAR importer in France (Oh, you do not say weird?)
What I particulirement apprci? I love this issue in such an environment ... It is the ease of reading, reading what is known dj (made RVision?), Apple green cover and the smile of the hostess checkout. There's no crit pigeon! (J'me is weird!). So, since the book is in a corner of Tagrera I have not even test the CD, so I will not apprciate on it.
The book is 20 euros, and in fact 20 too! (The world is weird ...)