Outre Mesure Partition Intérieure
Outre Mesure Partition Intérieure

Partition Intérieure, Book & Method from Outre Mesure.

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Spawn-X 03/19/2012

Outre Mesure Partition Intérieure : Spawn-X's user review

«  The Holly Bible of choice! »

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Used since 1996 or so.

The +:
On ALL-ALL, or almost!
-The organization of the content very well thought out.
-The many historical references.

-The physical weight .. Bah voui, but this is normal given the content. On the other hand, a PDF version would be so much more convenient ... ;)
The ALL-side precisely on ALL that makes you never actually completely around. Since 1996, I continue to discover new things pure me. That is to say ...
-A few shells and theoretical errors but nothing serious is when it happens, it is usually sufficiently advanced features for readers is confused face that from a level of knowledge already more than enough to accountable by them m ^ m of error. So, again, nothing very serious.

Follower of this kind of "literature" I have a whole collection allowing me to be fully aware of the quality of this book, and I admit it is by far my favorite.
The ratio Q / P is difficult to judge because new, it is relatively expensive, but it is truly an encyclopedia and like any encyclopedia, it is relatively expensive, more so when, like Partition Interior, it is for a heart target as small. It therefore seems logical enough, but on the other hand, it is truly an investment, not an expense given the duration of use and reuse. Unfortunately for me, I will have to consider replacing my copy that begins to widely acknowledge the age of his arteries ... It is without hesitation that I'll buy one soon. ; ^)