Behringer Cable Tester CT100
Behringer Cable Tester CT100

Cable Tester CT100, Cable Tester from Behringer.

bigwig 08/12/2004

Behringer Cable Tester CT100 : bigwig's user review


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I came across one that "bote test" Behringer. This is a utensil that is often sold by much competition and that is often not much!

Especially in the case of CT100, the opposite is true. First, it allows testing of various connectors Cables quips. Cables can be tested in the XLR3, 6.35 Jack, Jack 3.5, Bantam, RCA, Din noon.

You will be able to use sockets in any combination, for example jack to XLR, XLR to bantam ... etc ...

LED indicators will show you the correct state of the connection, the cblage taken during the test. But the fact trs o Behringer box, install it by having a small microprocessor that will tell you, among other false and possibly contact their state MMore telling you about how the connectors break occurred. In order to reproduce 'failure', you press the reset button to restore the Afon Systm in his state-detection. You "re-tickle" your grip and the system shows you new o is the default.

So, Behringer arrter did not in so good way. The CT100 gnrateur incorporates a signal, so you'll be able gnrer of 1000 Hz and 440 Hz In addition, it gives you a choice of level between - 50 Mic - 10 dBV, +4 dBu.

And it's not over! With all this, you will be able to test such a connection to your console stagebox Manir complte!

Example: You set up a slice of console in the micro level, you send the Phantom. At the other end of the pair branch you configure your CT100 "Test Tone - 50 Mic." The Casing will tell you the prsence of 48 volts and send a 1000 Hz or 400 Hz to the console! So you can be sure that your pair will work with a condenser microphone.

A BMOL is of the same wear when the quality of gnrateur signal. This much, those who know the quality of gn mdiocre some internal Studer 928 .... Here the product is only a few dollars.

The unit is powered by two LR06 1.5 volt type. Finally, like any product Behringer the price is very reasonable since it is around 55 euros while competition often Exceeds 100 euros!

A direct link to the manufacturer's page HERE (

Finally, an essential tool of scne, shooting and even in the home studio!