Millenium MCT-20
Millenium MCT-20

MCT-20, Cable Tester from Millenium.

CROPUS 12/03/2013

Millenium MCT-20 : CROPUS's user review


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I have since 2 days YOUPPPIIIII! ! ! !
Never tried other before!
The feature I like most

1 / PRIZE course! ! !

2 / SA TOUGH case thickness 15/10 mm Weight 850 grams

3 / The variety of shots that can be tested (see photos).

The quality of all!

Possibilities compared to more expensive devices, see a lot more expensive (I'm not a salesman lol) not to mention brand!

What I like least is the battery drawer which does not properly closed and that tends not to establish good contact with the battery, but just the touch of your finger to reconnect therefore monitor not to be confused with a break in a cable or welding (on my device but is perhaps not general) here is what is!

Hardly been introduced battery (supplied) (a light comes on and shows the status of the battery when the switch is in the correct position), the two cables plugged in spades supplied with the unit for testing, that he introduced me to bad connections of some of my cables YESSSS! !

Value exceptional price.

For now I would do this choice of course because for my use which is not daily and even I would say casual, I would see in the future if he keeps those promises, but I am hopeful!