Dunlop Electric Trigger Capo
Dunlop Electric Trigger Capo

Electric Trigger Capo, Capo from Dunlop.

Mut198 09/30/2008

Dunlop Electric Trigger Capo : Mut198's user review


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I just buy it, and my first impressions are excellent. It's a capo type "clip" metal. It really seems very sturdy, it holds up very well and easy to install, even with one hand (a minimum of force anyway).

Bought 35 Swiss francs, or about € 20.

For a capo, he did what he asked to do, but it has the advantage that unlike other models I have tried the store to be very strong, so it has an excellent shelf life .

In addition there is no risk of damaging the neck of the guitar, since the protective foam is of good quality, and is firmly stuck to the capo, unlike other models where it is easily removed ...

For that price, it is a product that lasts a really long time. I think it's a great investment to cheaper it will last as long and it will be much more hassle to use and buy more expensive I do not see much use.

It is a great capo, this choice I would do without hesitation)