Harley Benton HBA007 Acoustic/Electric Capo
Harley Benton HBA007 Acoustic/Electric Capo

HBA007 Acoustic/Electric Capo, Capo from Harley Benton.

Alchemy 04/12/2012

Harley Benton HBA007 Acoustic/Electric Capo : Alchemy's user review

«  Copying one fourth of the price of the original »

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Easy to settle, easy to install, easily removable, adjustable force, even pressure on all strings, for 3.77 euros!? What more?

I just got it together with the Shubb C1 Original copy of which is for less than 4 euros although he slammed into the hands within 2 minutes of play I wanted to compare so I ordered both in the same time.
This is really a copy of C1, the principle is exactly the same dimensions and also has a millimeter near the pivots are in the same place, the angles and geometry are the same, there are only 2 differences visible but which have no influence on the use: the part that comes shrink the strings is a good centimeter longer on the HB and finally stop the adjuster receives a plastic cap on the C1, whereas that of HB entirely metallic.
If there may be a difference on these two products will be on the ca life of rubber / plastics, only the years will tell me.
In use and the eye are the same products, the HB is certainly a little less well finished but for the price and functionality, unbeatable.
Shubb is the system for me by far the best, better than the Dunlop clips that support with the same force as sr the second box on the 12th without adjustment possible, with a spring which can be tiring in the long run.