Desert Island Audio Neve VR Module Rack
Desert Island Audio Neve VR Module Rack

Neve VR Module Rack, Channel Strip from Desert Island Audio.

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arnoldorodeo 03/09/2013

Desert Island Audio Neve VR Module Rack : arnoldorodeo's user review

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Desert Island Audio is a small California company that makes rack of Neve strips VR.Chaque slice type integrated an EQ, compressor, gate and a filter LPF.


it all depends on your itinerary: simple to use that has a little experience with a mixer.


this is where we understand why so many people swear by Neve. I have at home several slices rack: Some are very clean and transparent as SSL for example. I "investigated" for several months in order not to mislead module because I was looking for the typical 70's and 80's on some prods that I loved. The racking by DAI is very well believe me!
I'll try to describe what I felt when I insert in Pro Tools on different voice: EQ in the extreme treble and mid-bass is very nice,, is blowing in the spring voice superbly. The dynamic that pushes a little bit (headroom) is very impressive. Finally, the compressor Distressor think a lot in the way of his behavior punchy on drums, vocals and bass synths.


I've had it a week. This acquisition is certainly expensive, but it is an investment.