Mindprint En-Voice MKII
Mindprint En-Voice MKII

En-Voice MKII, Channel Strip from Mindprint.

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Slim_herve 07/17/2005

Mindprint En-Voice MKII : Slim_herve's user review


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This is a strip, it said the device found in a prampli, an equalizer and a compressor.
The lamp uses tachnologie normment brings warmth.
XLR Connectors and Plugs symtriques 6.35, noting a USB interface optional
envoice MKII is the rack but can be purchased cts plexiglass to make a device simply place it on a table
Manufacturing exudes srieux and the solid


Very easy to use, the sound is good ds that connects a microphone or instrument, the manual is perfectly adequate


My 12-string never sounds as good with this device, like the song recorded with a microphone Rode NT2A, it's really easier to have the desired sound.
It's hard to talk about transparency or color of sound, in fact I am tempted to say that it is transparent, but warmer, so is it really transparent?


I use it for only one month, and I love its simplicity of use. My only other exprience of prampli prampli Samson is a simple (well enough for the live) and also a Behringer Ultragain (I do not like, but this is obviously not the same budget !)
The report quality price seems good, even if the investment is actually consquent, the real question in this case is: Do I need a strip of quality? If rponse assurment is yes! Then there is no hsiter!