PreSonus Studio Channel
PreSonus Studio Channel

Studio Channel, Channel Strip from PreSonus.

Morphe777 05/14/2012

PreSonus Studio Channel : Morphe777's user review

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I use 2: Analog and Digital. In general, there are lamps in all my gear. I love the heat of the lamp (probably subjective at times, but hey).
I'm XLR and jack the beats
There is an EQ and a compressor on it (that can be activated or not).
It is rack mountable model.
Moin as a point of entry into the facade is to instrument only. No XLR front. And it's pretty bad.


Yes if you know what each button. Basically you need to know to use a compressor and EQ. In the little manual, there are settings QLQ proposed works not too bad and a lot of info that helps to understand (in general, not in detail). What does each button. But the interface itself is very simple to use.
Base without doing anything more than the sound is good. And the more we play with and it improves the sound. There is plenty to do.


I connect over a low (mounted micro CREL), an Electro Acoustic Ibanez, and a PRS CE 24. Whatever the instrument, it really sounds.
My electro acoustic has no pre-amp (this is an acoustic piezo pickup with Electrifying afterwards). And ben not need pre-amp, the studio takes care of channel perfectly. It must be set for the correct one, otherwise it can quickly become aggressive as her.
Bass, only sends really good. But I think he lacks a little something QLQ. a kind of power and depth in the bass. May sil is likely to come from my settings. I put a VST plug and there I have a bass sound that suits me perfectly. (FYI I am not a bass player, so I have less requirement).
PRS, and although the happiness ....
For voice, I have mics that "shit", so I prefer not to issue any judgment (probably my next purchase)


2 years. I have not yet experimented with everything, but it does everything I ask him.
I find the value for money really not bad. It is a strip of really good quality, and is much better quality than those present in my motu ultralite (which are already very good).
Yes I will ever see this option because of the above models are overpriced, and I do not have the level to draw part of it.
A small point less for the low side which forces me to put a VST in the ass to get the sound I want.