TC Electronic Gold Channel
TC Electronic Gold Channel

Gold Channel, Channel Strip from TC Electronic.

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comseul 03/17/2003

TC Electronic Gold Channel : comseul's user review


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Pre-amp Stereo micro electronics class A followed by various treatments numrique rach 1U
Conversion from 24 bit 44.1 Khz 96 by the number effective utiliss.
2 XLR inputs support analog mic or line levels. For there is one between micro attnuateur from 0 -60 dB, phantom power.
2 XLR analog outputs.
An input / output numrique AES / EBU, S / PDIF and ADAT 44.1 or 48khz
Midi full
The inputs and analog outputs numriques parallle runs. Between the output can be used as a free insert.
By simultaneously may have a compressor, an equalizer, an expander / gate and tools (De-Esser, Dynamic EQ, DRG (accumulation of light) and RIAA (management signals turntable).
Possibility to use the right way to add another SERIES effect on the left lane
In addition: phase reverse, low cut (60.80 or 120 hz), soft clip and bypass effect by effect, memory 100 factory and 100 user memory.
trs is complete.


Ds that we understand how to navigate the menus is simple trs. I think it's the same type of ergonomic products for the brand.
The manual is clear but a bit succinct, especially for the uninitiated. Anyway effects n'tant not we quickly trs complex.
Level XLR connector everything is against it by trs trs flexible and complete. We can arrange between output as desired. It can Integrates into any XLR config.
The fate can save rglages is really very practical.
It is connected to my sound card (LynxONE) directment via AES / EBU output. I use the analog output for monitoring.


I am not a specialist in this type of hardware pro. I have a home studio and I possde plutt means of hardware or low-end (well until the gold that j'aquire).
I tried the Gold with a static micro TLM103, M501 Jostex a dynamic, bass guitar ARIA prey and a collection LAG (his rock / blues) directly and through my amp.
What strikes immediately is The definition of pre-amps. Before I used a micro amp mackie 1202 and there is no photo. We hear it all and dynamics is incredible. Walking through the factory rglages s'aperoit is faster than the standard treatment options are. You can really work to get the sound of various collors trs. The compressor and the correctors are trs music (I found it as a term to express any trs transparent as it adds a touch enjoyable) and sound really good.
In the pr Manir gnral amp does not add Collor.
In testing, the voices are great both for the dynamic or static. The whole dynamic of static is transmitted.
The bass sounds good live, I found a rglage that allows me to have a good attack and good slaps to the pter.
The BMOL comes to guitars (I am based guitarist). I have not really found rglage excites me like the rest. In Manir gnral I never found a single pre amp (not specially guitar) that sounds. The guitars lack EHJV and DEFINITIONS. I soupsonne that I must direct a box to plug into the XLR input. For cons I have not done the tests. I rsolu the problem by taking my guitar amp (ENGL) with a microphone and it's great.
I did not test on keyboards but I'm not going to worry about a ring.


I use it for several months. I have not toured the possibility but I really cracked on the quality of sound and color of the compressor and equ.
The possibilities are standard.
With a level between guitar he would have t complete.
This is a really great pr-amp effect processor (there is also an echo but I did not try. I bought it second-hand and can not do better in terms of relative quality / price. If you want a channel strip try before you make your choice. In nine he cut just under 1000 euros the way, this can CHRE stepfather for a home studio but it is a another world.