TL Audio Fatfunker
TL Audio Fatfunker

Fatfunker, Channel Strip from TL Audio in the Fatman series.

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Maax 06/10/2006

TL Audio Fatfunker : Maax's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
Preamp Compressor EQ Lamps (ECC83/12AX7A)
- A preamp section with power supply 48V,-20dB pad and 80Hz HPF to.
- A compressor section with 4 presets for attack & release, and fine adjustment of threshold, ratio and gain. Opportunity to put in soft or hard knee on and off.
- A section with four equalization presets 4 bands of frequency tuning of pure gain each band. Ability to disable the EQ and choice pre / post comp.
- A gate with a single threshold setting
- A master section with a choice of VU meter and master output.

Amp rack (screws not provided) with documentation (in U.S. damage ...) and test certificate.


Installation could not be simpler, just put it in a rack and turn it on after connecting the power cable.
In use, it is very intuitive, responsive, we quickly realized the potential noise of the device .... nothing is bad, just choose.
However, the gate can be improved, we would have liked to other parameters.


The sound is excellent, the quality of sound reproduction is very good.
In fact, the preamp is behaving in a very transparent way ... or, we choose to push a little gain and color the sound with the EQ section.
The choice is important, the frequencies chosen are relevant whether for a guitar or a microphone for voice for example.
The compressor is used to "boost" the sound while keeping the sustain and musicality.


I just bought this machine ... she told me to replace my TLAudio PVC5060, and I am very satisfied.
Cepedendant, the price is a bit expensive which is not within the reach of any budget.
But for a quality home studio or even for the pros, it does not disappoint and provides a good attacking her for taking her.
I think a good preamp is a good choice to catch its because as they say, if the taking is good, the mix goes smoothly.