TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor
TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor

5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor, Channel Strip from TL Audio in the Ivory 2 series.

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Celophane 02/20/2003

TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor : Celophane's user review


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I will pluttdfendre PB66 that Plastok (dsol. That's the lamp, even if it's a bit more than we could prcis acqurir for this award 66. There is not a compressor but a little too imprcis all the same, and possibly a random image gate, four bands, a former VU with several rglages (positive ngatif, etc..) and a switching legalization (not mine, it's convenient) and a switch allowing Galise before (or APRS) compression. This rack is white, and it's not ugly. Oh yes: 48 v phantom power and possibility of a plugger mic, an instrument and other things all the time. It's complete, then, "Belgioum Nine Points".


It is as complex as it is complete. It takes a few months connatre (this may be why has not Plastok AIM), both rglages can change the sound. Personally, I find the EQ a bit vague and excessive in certain ranges (yes, Plastok: treble, etc.). The big problem is the gate and have to start one day a whole spiel of 6 minutes to get it to rgl Manir too optimistic. Use it only as a cut-down breath (the rest is dcoupe on the computer). Like I said, it is a complex machine dj. Equalize before or APRS compression is as subtle diffrence, but there a. Difference And we also still have the choice to compress or not. Then the slecteurs frequency drives are good tags and plutt After a few months, they are handled quickly trs. In short, he must learn a prampli mater. Finally, the manual, I do not know if it is clear or not. I have not read. I put 7 because it is complex, not least because it is full.


Me, transparency, has not only m'intresse. So here, I color, and it is well trs. I have an old Framus electric guitar, and with the 5051 is a really good couple. The one senses the lamp (because these guitars Designed to taient). On a synth I do not see the intrt. When the voice is well RULES (the numrotation brief note does not help rglages), is frankly not bad at all. There's color, the heat if you want (question of legalization of all, I think), and the atmosphere is l. The 5051 is one of the color of my lments zik. But Obviously, this is a bias.

If I had a studio pro, I probably would have a prampli of this kind, among others, because he has the personality. So, I give 9 because without him I would be lost! (I would have given 4 for a transparent product).


I uses it for 3 years. I love the guitar, I find it more difficult rgler on the voice, with all of the same AKG 3000B dj prcis enough. But I'm going to do. As I said, the report is very well qualitprix and color me very flat. With esprience, I take two for the linker in Stereo and all go by (except synths) ...