TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor
TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor

5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor, Channel Strip from TL Audio in the Ivory 2 series.

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Celophane 02/20/2003

TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor : Celophane's user review


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I do not know the V2, but I have the previous version. I use it for voice (with an AKG 3000 B), and I'm pretty satisfied. The Gate is however quite dangerous (I almost never use it). I do not (more) compressor for voice, but for guitar and bass, it is trs INTERESTED (good sound funky on my old Framus). It is not pure, but it's a - it's dj a. I read that the V2 silent cleaner, but you know, you take your instrumentals and you're going to try it, right?
Personally, I give her 8 prdcesseur, especially because I think its a little fuzzy and EQ because the gate is positively random image. That said, there's the Phantom power supply and if you do not look clean all costs, and you like "some personnalitquot;, may be a choice. But someone will advise other!


Very simple, very simple.


Personally, I find it brings a color limit (I always talk about the old version). But I like that touch of personality to what I do, and I especially like the fact that it is for INTERESTED string instruments as a microphone jack (Deutsche guitar, bongos, etc. .).


I use it for 3 years, I especially like the sound it gives my old guitar and versatile (the EQ in vain stepfather me a little fuzzy, I came back in this thing!). With the exprience, I would do this choice that price. But above, I would do a little comparison.