Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition
Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition

LA610 Signature Edition, Channel Strip from Universal Audio.

fabamarie 05/29/2011

Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition : fabamarie's user review

«  it's good round »

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tube preamp, compressor 1 button (I love) and EQ game which I am using more

on this signature model, lamps NOS, I find them beautiful, then I have only tested once a 2-610 with normal lamps and I had trouble but I do not know if it comes from Unlike models because it was not in the same conditions (I was testing a microphone in a store)


superb rock, vocals, guitars, a little soft on a low because of the compressor with the attack is fast enough, but really easy to use and after time the adjustments have their eyes closed, ears are feasting and big buttons, great, it's too good to have the hardware, it's like a big guitar amp between the fingers

phantom power pretty crappy for cons, I have many problems with


I love the sound on the voice too smooth, I put the lamp is beautiful, to fall to the ground the grain that gives this installment, I do not know if this is due to lamps NOS but really it ' is beautiful

on mics too sharp and brittle, it brings a bit of roundness as warm as this installment is all the voices are warm, with a U87 and a beautiful jazz voice is boiling hot, the compressor is superb on vocals, is close, it rounds if you will, I am a fan


it's crazy what you can do with a few buttons, it's really my first pro preamp and a big favorite, I can not do without it, everything is simple, the buttons are nice
it's crazy love

nothing wrong and I know if I hit the target

cons by the rising dollar and the MKII version sharply raised the price, once an LA-610 was just nine to 1,200 euros (gray version), Belle Epoque