Meinl Custom Cymbal Shop China 20"
Meinl Custom Cymbal Shop China 20"

Custom Cymbal Shop China 20", China Cymbal from Meinl.

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jazzystochat 04/10/2009

Meinl Custom Cymbal Shop China 20" : jazzystochat's user review


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-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...
-The drummer is my opinion .... Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...
18 years that I play the drums, the Chinese market ... I've tried everything.
There are excellent and excrable, there is what some love and hates others.
This is a cymbal-models only, o his name "custom cymbal shop," Why then give an opinion because they are all DIFFERENT? And much to commend the work done on this instrument absolutely phnomnal .. And mconnu.
"I have the chance of availing oneself of a Chinese 20" of this series, it is deep, rich, organic, vibrant, explosive, delicate, versatile, it offers a number of gorgeous sound from the top of his bell its edge, a dream cymbal.
"I've always had trouble be excited about an instrument, he always finds a default, l.. Dsol I am I have no quote.
Who said mconnu instrument, said value underestimates, it is true that the era o meinl this series has not had cre t of the reputation gained cymbalist today, this allowed me my beautiful availing oneself for a price DLIR had kept his qualities.
Nevertheless have strong these cymbals CHRISTIAN taient the era of marketing, of memory it was worth the price of a swish paiste, not far from 500 (thank you send me a tab Behind the ears if I say a big BTIS, I'm interested in any information about this series: o)
"I have found my Chinese, so obviously this choice that I would do again.