Wuhan China 14''
Wuhan China 14''

China 14'', China Cymbal from Wuhan.

goodbyebluesky 04/02/2008

Wuhan China 14'' : goodbyebluesky's user review


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I owned my Wuhan China for a couple years, I should have never let it go.

Wuhan makes the trashiest China cymbals ever! This is what a china is supposed to sound like! Zildjian, Sabian, and even my beloved Paiste have never made a China cymbal that could touch a Wuhan. The other cymbal makers make what sounds like a crash cymbal with an identity crisis, but Wuhan makes trashy, dark, explosive, punchy cymbals with low harmonic overtones, and minimal sustain! The other cymbal makers just don't have the punchiness and lower harmonic tone, and don't sound all that Oriental either. These do.
Amazing, they are dirt cheap too, everyone should own one. I had a 14" but always lusted for a 16" or even 18" for more volume. I played melodic indie rock with a hardcore/metal influence and this cymbal added a lot of character and aggressive tone to our sound. Metal drummers have known for years what a china cymbal can do for a blast beat, and I quickly learned what a good trashy China can do for heavy music, like hitting it with the snare for accented upbeats, breakdowns, or crazy accents.
They are fairly thin and its possible to crack them, but I never did and I played mine pretty hard, so my personal experience with durability is positive.
The 12" has little to no sustain, and the 14" is a little more washy sounding, and the sustain increases as you go up in size. These are such a steal at under 20 bucks for a 14" and under 30 bucks for a 16".
You will either love 'em or hate 'em but at least try one out.