Enttec DMXIS
Enttec DMXIS
yoTrakkz 10/20/2011

Enttec DMXIS : yoTrakkz's user review

« pretty good, and not expensive »

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I was able to program 20+ different lights and multiple scenes. Half of the lights were rental lights and the rest my own. Even the lights that weren't in the library were a snap to program right from the manufacturer libraries. I don't know why anyone would use a manual controller unit, this thing and a laptop means instance control. The coolest thing was being able to control the moving lights with the mouse.

I am VERY impressed with the ease of use - setting up a show is extremely simple and straight forward. It is by no means perfect but I doubt that you will find a simpler "out of the box" solution for the money. I set this up, learned how to use it, and ran a show in 2 days with no issues at all. (NOTE: I'm using a Windows 7 machine so I can't speak to the mac experience) The results were pretty impressive.

his is by no means a perfect product. Setting up your own fixture profiles can be challenging, even using their online fixture editor. So if your fixture is not currently being supported in the current fixture library you may find the process frustrating (depending on what type of fixture you are trying to create). There are strict limits to the number of banks and presets you can run within a bank so being organized is important - as is keeping track of how many banks and presets you have created - there is no warning when you hit the limit as far as I can tell.

I use a small midi controller to run the lights during the band's performances and have been very pleased with the results. For the money its a great product. You can also join the google user group for information and help. Its a great group of people and Enttec's own folks are often checking in to offer help.