Paiste PST 5 Crash/Ride 18''
Paiste PST 5 Crash/Ride 18''

PST 5 Crash/Ride 18'', Crash Cymbal from Paiste in the PST 5 series.

1138-clem 08/28/2009

Paiste PST 5 Crash/Ride 18'' : 1138-clem's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this cymbal for about 4 years. I bought it bundled with my first kit ... and frankly, I advise. I played pop / rock ("off the ride") and Metal (in crashes) with. Originally, I used it as a ride, and now as a crash. Very effective, I love his sound, and its robustness (I hit like a lumberjack sometimes).
I find excellent value for money. Amateur Series PST5, I advise to intermediate drummers (like me) looking for cymbals too expensive not very good. With experience, I would do it without hesitating one second choice!

But the sound is worth a thousand words!