Paiste Rude Crash/Ride 17''
Paiste Rude Crash/Ride 17''

Rude Crash/Ride 17'', Crash Cymbal from Paiste in the Rude series.

El-Burinos 12/29/2010

Paiste Rude Crash/Ride 17'' : El-Burinos's user review

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I use this cymbal for 3 years. Purchased replacement of a cracked cymbal, I have obtained for the largest selection of beefy at Paiste. Basically, I wanted a thin crash site and had no more walking and substituted by the crash ride (I wanted the first response to excerpts from the Paiste website).
So, first impression, which remains the same after 3 years, Pu ... n!! what did she send this cymbal. Good diameter 17 "(which is the beginning of large diameter) is for something and are too thick. The sound produced is, for my part, very medium (that is my recent ear shortly before or hear nothing from my wand:) ) compared to my set of cymbals (I have a good dizainne), it contrasts sharply. It's a cymbal for live par excellence mostly rock (MSCopeland had in its infancy) or metal (as Jordy) and therefore for people who want the home studio she is average because I think with this cymbal every keystroke attention to the saturation of microphones (but with good sound engineers that must past).
In conclusion, the powerhouse drummer for taking Macho man or the Hulk (like me) it's a great choice, despite the price it pays for itself quickly by that life.