Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash 18"
Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash 18"

AA Medium Thin Crash 18", Crash Cymbal from Sabian in the AA series.

MGR/M.H. 12/25/2002

Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash 18" : MGR/M.H.'s user review

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I bought the cymbal at Music City in St. John's, Nf. for $140.

Amazing clarity and decay. Bright, yet warm tone. Really comes through on recordings. Very versatile sound, appropriate for a wide variety of music genres.

When I bought it there were some non-removable fingerprints (a fault of the retailer). But for Sabian in general, their clean cream really does do a good job on the cymbal, but it also removes the label from the cymbal! This has happened on every Sabian cymbal I own. The cymbals need to be cleaned often, otherwise you get green stains on it (especially on the underside) I am assuming this is possibly a formation of a copper oxide from any moisture in the environment.

The quality and construction is outstanding, as all Sabian cymbals are.

This is an excllent cymbal. Worth every penny. You won't be dissappointed.

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