Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16''
Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16''

AAX Studio Crash 16'', Crash Cymbal from Sabian in the AAX series.

moosers 07/22/2010

Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16'' : moosers's user review


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The Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16" is a cymbal that I've used in both my home studio and in a few different professional studios. I'm not a drummer my trade, but my best friend is and he owns one of these. We've been playing together for years, so I've recorded him playing with this cymbal in various locations over the years. This is pretty much the go to crash cymbal that we'll use whenever we're recording together, and I'm definitely glad that it is, as it really has a great sound to it. It's a really full sounding cymbal, and isn't as bright sounding as many of the crash cymbals out there, which is something that I like a lot about it. While this one in particular is a 16" crash cymbal, I do believe that the AAX Studio Crash series of cymbals from Sabian has a variety of different sizes to choose from. I've mostly used Neumann KM 184's to capture the sound of this cymbal and the full drum set, but have used a variety of microphones to record it depending on where I'm at. This has been a great way to get used to the cymbal, as hearing it from so many different perspectives has made me realize that it's a great cymbal in any situation. It's a pretty versatile cymbal as well, as it sounds great for both jazz and rock music, in addition to other genres as well of course. The Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16" is priced right, but it certainly doesn't make it the cheapest cymbal on the market. If you're looking for quality regardless of price, there are better cymbals than this, but if you're looking for something that sounds great and doesn't cost a fortune, you can't go wrong with this one...