Zildjian Scimitar Crash 16"
Zildjian Scimitar Crash 16"

Scimitar Crash 16", Crash Cymbal from Zildjian.

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BGugino 07/28/2008

Zildjian Scimitar Crash 16" : BGugino's user review


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I bought my Zildjian Bronze scimitar crash at a garage sale for $20; and let me tell you, I think I over-paid. This cymbal is by far the worst cymbal I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the looks of the “bronze” series are just a little hard on the eyes!

When I first got this thing on my kit, it was being compared to Zildjian A series, and K customs; so I’m not going to be too harsh! The sound of this cymbal just hurt my ears. It was very “thingy” and “clangy”. It had way too much attack, and not enough sustain. You would just crash it, hear the loud, horrible sound of the cymbal, and then it would be gone. Hits you like a storm! Not to mention for playing for about an hour with it, two small cracks emerged from the end of the cymbal.

When I first saw this cymbal, I honestly though it must have been super vintage. It was very dingy and dirty looking. When I asked the guy how old it was, he said “Just over a year”, I thought to myself “Jeez, how nasty do you think this thing is going to look when it IS vintage”. But I bought it anyways. It’s basically got no finish on it at all; not traditional, not brilliant, just that unique look of the Bronze scimitar line.

Basically, I would not recommend this cymbal to anybody. Beginners, collectors…anyone! The sound is unbearable, the looks are just horrid, and the overall quality of this cymbal is just terrible. I would recommend some other beginner cymbal if you’re considering buying this one. You’d be better off just buying some of the ZHX series, or maybe even the ZBT series, just stay away from the Scimitar series! Hope this review has helped!