Sabian B8 Pro Performance Set
Sabian B8 Pro Performance Set
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MGR/Brown-E Cake 05/15/2004

Sabian B8 Pro Performance Set : MGR/Brown-E Cake's user review

"Sabian B8 Pro Performance Set"

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I bought this cymble set off musictions friend with a drum kit about 1 year ago. It costed $240. i compared it to other cymble sets such as a zildgin zbt set but in the end bought these.

This packadge is great. The crash and ride cymbels sound absolutly beautifull. the rride has a free flowing sound with a great bell. The crash has a great crash. They also have a magnificent shine and come with a carrying bag.

the hi-hats don't sound that bad but they aren't as good as the other two cymbels

these are cast cymbels which makes them good quatity. The cymbels have held together well over the years. They have been scratched over the years but havent dented or cracked, even though I drop them a bit.

Overall this is an excelent cymbell packadge. Great looking, excelent sounding and very durable. This is great for beginners because aof the cheap price and haveing everything you need in one payment. But are still great sounding for the more experienced drummer.

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