Sabian Pro Sonix Performance Set
Sabian Pro Sonix Performance Set
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MGR/ 03/03/2010

Sabian Pro Sonix Performance Set : MGR/'s user review

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I've been playing drums for about 4 or 5 years. My range of interests in music is far too broad to be discussed here....


I love the sound of these cymbals, particularly the crash. When you nail those crashes full force, they have a sound that goes on forever.....I love it!! Also the sound has different levels of intensity depending upon how hard you hit it. Some cymbals may only give you maybe 2 layers of intensity that sound good when you hit them, the pro sonix give you about 4 or 5 layers, meaning they sound great at even the most quiet section of a song to the most intense. The cymbals also have an excellent sheen and are quite nice to look at...

Unfortunately, they are extremely fragile cymbals, and can't handle intense abuse from the user. I don't consider myself a hard hitter, (except for maybe when I'm getting into what I'm doing ) but the problem is, I managed to destroy 2 16' crashes just from routine use. Cracks start to appear in the lower corners. If you're a pounder like Dave Grohl, you might want to shop around a bit more to find something else that can take a higher level of use.

Due to the fact that I managed to destroy 2 crashes tells me the construction quality is a bit low for a cymbal. They seem to be a bit brittle. I also have a 20' Pro Sonix Ride and that holds up just fine. The Pro Sonix cymbals would be great for home or studio use, but I would not suggest them for heavy gigging.

These are beautiful sounding cymbals, but all that beauty comes at a price. Unfortunately that price happens to be the build quality. Since Sabian no longer carries this line, they are getting harder to find....I love these cymbals, but they cannot take the level of abuse that I put out.

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